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China aoyuan group ranked TOP25 in the comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate enterprises
On August 7, yihan think tank officially released the 2019 research report on the comprehensive strength and brand value of typical Chinese real estate enterprises.
Among them, China aoyuan group won six honors, such as "2019 China national housing enterprise comprehensive strength no. 25" and "2019 China national housing enterprise brand value no. 19", and its strength was highly recognized by the industry.
Many awards and many good news
As a professional enterprise rating agency in China's real estate industry, yihan think tank has always issued a series of lists that have profound guiding significance and authoritative reference value for the development of the industry.
In 2019, China aoyuan group ranked high on the list of yihan think tank, winning 6 awards including "2019 China national real estate enterprise comprehensive strength no. 25" and "2019 China national real estate enterprise brand value no. 19". Among them, the comprehensive strength of real estate enterprises jumped 9 from last year's 34, the brand value of real estate enterprises jumped 32 from last year's 51, and the brand influence continued to improve.
In July, fortune Chinese published the 2019 fortune 500 list.
China aoyuan group ( continued its strong momentum, jumping 103 places to the 279th place in the overall ranking with the revenue of 31 billion yuan, and achieved the ranking improvement for three consecutive years, demonstrating its strong comprehensive strength once again.
New performance shows strength and continuous optimization of financial position
It has won several authoritative awards in the industry, which is directly related to the sound financial condition and excellent operation ability of China aoyuan group.
In the whole year of 2018, the accumulative contract sales amount of China aoyuan group was about 91.28 billion yuan, which doubled year on year and reached the annual target of 125% of 73 billion yuan, and the sales amount reached another peak. In addition, contract sales area is about 8.863 million square meters, with a year-on-year growth of 98%, gross profit 88%, net profit 51% and core net profit 63%.
In the first seven months of 2019, China aoyuan group achieved contract sales of about 60.28 billion yuan, up 30% year-on-year, and contract sales area of about 5.989 million square meters, up 36% year-on-year, realizing continuous leap-forward development.
In addition to the rapid growth of its business, aoyuan group attaches equal importance to the development of speed and high quality, continuously optimizes its financial situation and raises its credit rating repeatedly.
So far this year, aoyuan group has successfully issued us $250 million of 7.95% senior notes due in 2023 with a yield of 6.5%, a new low of the same level recently. In addition, China aoyuan group, nanyang commercial bank, hang seng bank, industrial bank of Hong Kong branch, bank of east Asia and bank of Shanghai (Hong Kong) signed a total amount of about hk $1.6 billion of three-year overseas syndicated loans, maintaining diversified financing channels.
In July 2019, China aoyuan group was further covered by many domestic and foreign institutions such as nomura securities, Chrysler securities, jpmorgan chase, China merchants bank international, bank of America merrill lynch, agricultural bank of China international and haitong international, which fully reflected the recognition of its comprehensive strength and development prospects by the capital market.
Eight groups are advancing together in the vertical development of diversified industries
As the creator of compound real estate in China, after 23 years of solid development, aoyuan group has also formed a business pattern of "one industry, vertical development", and successfully built eight industrial sectors, including real estate, commerce, science and technology, health, culture and tourism, finance, cross-border e-commerce and urban renewal.
In march this year, aoyuan healthy life group (stock code was successfully listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong. With the brand concept of "creating and enjoying the joy of life", aoyuan is committed to becoming the leading healthy life service group in China.
Aoyuan healthy living group is listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong
In June, the Austrian buyers will double line shopping retail territory to the north China market, Beijing galaxy SOHO, wangjing SOHO has been unveiled. One month later, the world's first 2.0 flagship store of aobuyer -- guangzhou aoyuan international center store opened in a grand way, which has become an exploration of aobuyer's new consumption experience in the future.
In July, aoyuan science and technology group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with fund committee of Chinese academy of sciences and LAM to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and expand cooperation areas.
On July 28th, the headquarters of China aoyuan group and its core business groups were formally settled in the aoyuan group building in wanbo business district, panyu. On the same day, China aoyuan group reached strategic cooperation with panyu district people's government and Chinese academy of sciences holding co., LTD., creating a new highland of science and technology industry.
China aoyuan group housewarming ceremony
Up to now, the eight groups are advancing together and have become the multi-engine of the rapid and balanced development of China aoyuan group.
Looking forward to the future, China aoyuan group will uphold the concept of "building a healthy life", actively promote business development, continue to enrich the brand connotation, steadily move forward towards a higher goal, and achieve new achievements.