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Aoyuan Secures an Aggregate of HK$1.8 Billion Three-Year Syndicated Loan Sound Financial Management with Continuous Debt Structure Optimization

  (March 8, 2021 – Hong Kong) China Aoyuan Group Limited (“Aoyuan” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 3883) is pleased to announce that the Company has secured an aggregate of approximately HK$1.8 billion three-year offshore syndicated loan, with Bank of China (Hong Kong), Bank of East Asia, Barclays Bank, Chong Hing Bank, CMB Wing Lung Bank, Deutsche Bank, Hang Seng Bank, Nanyang Commercial Bank and Tai Fung Bank (in alphabetical order).

  The syndicated loan will bear an interest rate of HIBOR/LIBOR plus 4.30% per annum. The proceeds will mainly be used for refinancing its existing offshore indebtedness.

  Aoyuan management commented, “This tranche of syndicated loan is backed by nine commercial banks, reaffirming the banking sector’s confidence in Aoyuan’s comprehensive strength and prospects. Aoyuan is committed to prudent capital management with refinancing arrangement planned in advance, as well as continuous optimization of its debt structure. In February 2021, Aoyuan issued 6-year US$350 million 5.88% senior notes, representing the longest bond maturity ever issued by Aoyuan. In January 2021, Aoyuan issued US$188 million 4.2% senior notes due 2022 at par through exchange offer and new issuance, setting a record-low borrowing cost among Aoyuan’s bond issuances. Also in February 2021, Aoyuan announced the early redemption of US$500 million and S$100 million senior notes due September 2021. Looking forward, Aoyuan will continue to maintain sound financial management with diversified onshore and offshore financing channels to ensure fund safety. Meanwhile, the Company will keep up its efforts in driving quality and sustainable development, thus bringing fruitful returns to shareholders and investors.”

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