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Aoyuan Culture

Our vision:Creating a lasting foundation, building a healthy lifestyle

Focusing on parallel development of residential and commercial real estates in a health-centered manner, Aoyuan is committed to providing a high quality living environment for homeowners in search of a healthy lifestyle, as well as to create a lasting foundation for Aoyuan’s development.

Our values:Efficiency, integrity, responsibility and shared success

Aoyuan people are expected to be punctual and efficient, to purse benefits with scientific management, rational planning, and high-quality execution. Integrity is a key foundation upon which we build our business. Aoyuan encourages its staff to be honest and faithful, to be attentive at work, to perform their duties and obligations in a diligent and scrupulous way, to fulfil their promises, and to earn their respects through integrity and to open up markets with high ethical standards. Every enterprise should embody its responsibility towards customers, responsibility towards employees, responsibility towards shareholders and responsibility towards the society. Aoyuan has established a responsibility-based culture to provide guidance on its staffs’ behaviour.

Brand philosophy: leading a healthy life

Adhering to the advanced idea of healthy living, Aoyuan provide its home owners with a healthy and environment-friendly living environment through elaborate design, well-selectedmaterial and refined workmanship in construction. Leveraging on health and regimen resources of Aoyuan Health City, Aoyuan provides property management services with special features so that home owners can enjoy a pleasant living in terms of spiritual and physical health.