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Aoyuan Further Repurchases Senior Notes
for Total Principal Amount of US$15 Million YTD

  (15 October 2021 – Hong Kong) China Aoyuan Group Limited (“Aoyuan” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 3883) announces that the Company has further repurchased senior notes in the open market for a total principal amount of US$3 million, comprising: (i) 4.2% senior notes due January 2022 of US$1 million in aggregate principal amount, (ii) 8.5% senior notes due January 2022 of US$1 million in aggregate principal amount, and (iii) 5.375% senior notes due September 2022 of US$1 million in aggregate principal amount.

  Aoyuan management commented, “Aoyuan has thus far repurchased offshore senior notes with a total principal amount of US$15 million this year, while total consideration of Chairman Guo Zi Wen’s increase in shareholding and new share subscription, together with the Company’s share buyback, amounted to approximately HK$700 million. This demonstrates Aoyuan’s attitude towards the market and confidence in the Company’s prospects. Meanwhile, Aoyuan has already completed redemption of all onshore corporate bonds due in 2021 and there are no onshore corporate bonds maturing in 2022. In addition, Aoyuan has completed redemption of all public offshore bonds due in 2021, as well as refinancing for the US$500 million offshore senior notes due January 2022. Aoyuan will always uphold its corporate credibility, repaying debts on time and continuing to optimize its credit indicators. Aoyuan will also accelerate capital recycling through stepping up sales and cash collection to ensure fund safety, underpinning the drive for quality and sustainable development.”

  For details, please refer to the HKEx website:

  Overseas Regulatory Announcement – Partial Repurchase of Senior Notes