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Aomygod Group is a modern service group focusing on the online and offline business operations, cross-border electronic commerce and property management. By adhering to the brand concept of “Happy life service+”(悅心生活服務+),it is committed to providing the whole industrial chain service in business operation for owners and customers.

Aoyuan Commercial is committed to providing a better life experience social community platform for consumers. To take "create to enjoy living space, enhance business value" as its core business philosophy, it provides the whole process of one-stop commercial operation and management. Aoyuan Plaza has been among the brands of shopping center with most growth potential in the PRC, the opened Aoyuan Plaza in Panyu was awarded as the top ten shopping centers in Guangzhou and the excellent city commercial landmarks.
In 2014, Aoyuan has implemented its diversification development strategy, striving to develop Aomygod cross-border electronic commerce business sector. To take "select across the world" as a slogan, Aomygod is committed to become the leading brand in the cross-border electric commerce sector in the PRC. For online, it formed a complete shopping layout comprising three main platforms, being site mall, mobile client, WeChat shopping; for offline, it established Aomygod cross-border electric business experience shops and parallel import car display trading centers in various cities nationwide, which products are derived from 50 major countries and regions in the world, covering 40,000 goods with thousands of well-known brands, and thus provide the imported goods with tax savings and relatively lower prices by direct purchase, and the fashion quality life keeping up with the world.
Aoyuan is not only committed to creating a superior living environment, but also provide quality property services for each owner. “Guangzhou Aoyuan Property Service Co., Ltd.” under the Group was granted the first class qualification issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, ranking as the 22nd of the Top 100 Chinese Property Service Enterprises.
By taking advantages of its three platforms of business, property and internet O2O, Aomygod leverage on Aoyuan’s service innovation genes to integrate large groups of owners and consumers to make its unique contribution for booming development of the business and residential ecosystem of China.