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  • Project name:Jiaoling Aoyuan Plaza
  • Type:Commercial Real Estate
  • Building area:66,000 sq.m
  • Hotline for consulting:400-700-1234(656488)
  • Project address:

Jiaoling Aoyuan Plaza

Jiaoling Aoyuan Plaza is located in the intersection of Zhonghua Avenue and Jiaoyang Avenue, which is the core area of Guiling New District, Jiaoling County. The project covers a site area of 66,000 sq.m., and will be developed into an urban complex featuring catering, entertainment and leisure.

Jiaoling Aoyuan Plaza will be developed into the first large cross-broader e-commerce exhibition and trading center in east of Guangdong, as well as the first large urban project in Jiaoling. It is aimed to become a commercial landmark in Jiaoling, as well as a center to understand Hakka culture in Jiaoling, Meizhou.

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