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Adhering to the corporate spirit of “Efficiency, Integrity, Responsibility and Shared Success”, China Aoyuan actively promotes the implementation of corporate integrity mechanism and culture. The Supervision Centre, which directly reports to the chairman of the Audit Committee and/or the Board, has been established.

Internal management and control

The Supervision Centre cooperates with human resources department to conduct integrity reviews on new deputy managers and those of higher levels, as well as in the process of employee induction and promotion. The gift registration and reporting system is strictly enforced.
The Supervision Centre conducts monitoring and inspections periodically. It also conducts “review” on the management suggestions proposed for case handling, monitors the implementation of rectification measures, establishing the “three-in-one” supervision defense comprising disclosure, inspections and “review”.

Tackling corruption through culture

Enhances anti-corruption education and promotion through channels including internal OA news bulletin and official WeChat accounts “Aoyuan Ren” and “Moral Aoyuan”. In particular, “Moral Aoyuan” features sections on integrity management, supervision and reporting, offering regular tweets of integrity supervision and relevant information, and improving the construction of integrity publicity and education platform.

External joint defense

China Aoyuan is a council member of Chinese Enterprise Anti-Fraud Alliance. Established in June 2015 in China, the Alliance is the first non-governmental non-profit organisation founded by enterprises for the purpose of anti-fraud. It aims to strengthen anti-fraud communications with members of the alliance, work together with the members to combat corruption, fraud, information security infringement and other irregularities, improve the anti-corruption governance, and build the virtuous circle of integrity and honesty.


The Supervision Centre encourages the real-name whistleblowing, while keeping the information of the real-name whistleblower confidential and protecting the whistleblower in accordance with laws:
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