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A spectacular concert organised by Guangzhou Aoyuan — to celebrate "Aoyuan Commercial Ready to Embark" and mark the grand ending of "Charming Star Concert"
Date:2013/12/8 0:00:00
(8 December 2013 -- Guangzhou) Well-known singers gathered in Guangzhou to present a grand performance -- the "Aoyuan Commercial Ready to Embark" and Charming Star Concert, at the Tianhe Stadium, where pop stars including Harlem Yu, Simon Chung, Ye Weiting, Tao Yuyu, Cui Tianqi and Ji Jie sang from their heart and presented a great show. The event is one of the activities under the "Aoyuan Commercial Ready to Embark" project. It highlighted the fundamental of experience-oriented commercial development of Aoyuan, which combines ordinary consumer and shopping experience with elements such as cultural and arts, synchronizes urban commercial developments with the modern lifestyle and initiates a new mode of commercial real estate development for the future. Adding to the prelude of embarking on commercial developments in 2014, Aoyuan also announced six large commercial projects in Guangzhou and launched the "Aoyuan Double Engine Investment Program", while at the same time handing out millions of gift packs as feedback to the society. Pop stars gathered to present an audio and visual feast The concert was specially presented by China Aoyuan Property Group, and pop stars from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan were invited to perform. At around 8 pm, Tianhe Stadium was filled with celebrities and packed with thousands of audiences. The show began with a large-scale dance performance, the Road of Aoyuan Brand, which reviewed and shared the successful history and values of Aoyuan with everyone in the stadium. Under resounding cheers, Cui Tianqi who was a contestant of the Voice of China with distinctive character began the singing performance with NANANA, You-and-I, and "我的歌聲裡" (In My Song). Then came Ji Jie, a former Superboy contestant known for his skill, who sang "燒" (Burning), "高跟鞋" (High-heeled Shoe) and "返璞歸真" (Return To Innocence) with great passion. His wow-attracting dress which combined traditional ethnic Yi style and modern fashion helped leave the audience revelling in the power of his performance. Tao Yuyu followed with touching love songs "你會愛我到什麼時候" (How Long Will You Love Me), "不是因為寂寞才想你" (Think of You Not Only Because of Loneliness) and "不要在我寂寞的時候說愛我" (Don"t Say You Love Me When I am Lonely). Tao enjoys great internet popularity as a singer. 60-years-old Hong Kong rock singer Simon Chung, who returned to the limelight this summer on the stage of the Voice of China, performed Iwannarock&TNT and HeyJude, and joined the final winners of Aoyuan Charming Stars in singing "一路上有你" (Having You Along the Way). Another contestant in the Voice of China this year Ye Weiting who came from Taiwan won applause with her powerful and persuasive voice in bringing the audience with "開門見山" (Getting Straight to the Point), "我最親愛的" (My Dearest) and "好膽你就來" (Come If You Dare). Everyone in the stadium was thrilled as familiar songs were performed and they screamed and gave rounds of applause. In roaring cheers, the veteran singer Harlem Yu presented his golden songs "情非得已" (Can"t Help Falling in Love With You) and "熱情的沙漠" (Warm Desert) which got the audiences on their feet and dancing. The concert came to a climax when he sang his new song "關不掉的月光" (Unshuttered Moonlight). The dedicated performance of the stars drew heated responses from the audiences who echoed the oldies and pop songs and thoroughly enjoyed a magnificent musical journey. This Aoyuan thanksgiving show witnessed the glorious achievement of the city The star-stubbed concert is an audio and visual feast witnessing the glorious achievement of the cities. It not only highlighted the strength of Aoyuan but was also a sincere expression of Aoyuan"s thanks to the residents of Guangzhou. During the opening and ending times, the stadium screen played the promotional clips of the six large complexes of Aoyuan, including Aoyuan Beyond Era, Aoyuan City Landmark, Aoyuan Kangwei Plaza, Luogang Aoyuan Plaza, Panyu Aoyuan Plaza and Aoyuan Health Plaza, revealing the upcoming modern lifestyle brought by Aoyuan. In recent years, Aoyuan adhered to the strategy of "developing commercial and residential properties in parallel" which has been successfully implemented in Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang, Zhuzhou and Jiangmen and drove the rapid development of the Group. 2013 is a year of rapid development for Aoyuan, during which a head start was also made in commercial projects. A series of key initiatives were implemented during the year: in June, Aoyuan unveiled the development strategies of its commercial real estate business, and launched the Aoyuan Alliance (奧商會), gathering a group of outstanding companies headed by Aoyuan; in September, Aoyuan announced the official establishment of "Aoyuan Commercial Group" with eight centers under its management, upgrading the expertise, team and operation management model of Aoyuan"s commercial development and enhancing the development prospect in the sector with new commercial property marketing concepts; In November to December, activities under"Aoyuan Commercial 2014 Ready to Embark" project commenced, six major commercial developments in Guangzhou were announced and the "Aoyuan Double Engine Investment Program" was launched, which provides investors with all-round solutions for investment allocation in prime assets. Such initiatives followed one another in a progressive manner which demonstrated the capability and commitment of the Aoyuan as a rising star in the commercial real estate sector.