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Fogang Aoyuan Cycling Challenge Match 2013 Held to Promote "Healthy Lifestyle in Aoyuan"
Date:2013/9/15 0:00:00

(15 Sept 2013 -- Fogang)Organised by Fogang Aoyuan, the Fogang Aoyuan Cycling Challenge Match 2013 was held in Fogang Aoyuan Villa in Fogang county, Qingyuan. The match aimed to primate low carbon healthy lifestyle with the theme of "healthy lifestyle in Aoyuan" centered at the philosophy of "building a quality residential environment for a healthier living of the city". The match was divided into several categories including challengers (male), elites (male), elites (female) and participants. The event attracted 150 local and overseas participants including owners of Fogang properties. The match started at 10 am in the morning. Confident participants cycled with their best for an hour under the sunlight for covering almost 50 km. The champion and first runner-up were awarded to the Zhang Li from "Quick Cycling" , which obtained the champion in National Games of the PRC, and Zhu Fanxin from Harvia Project Cycling Team of Taiwan respectively. Not only the award winning racers, but those participants striving throughout the match were also impressive and worth encouraging. Racers insisted until the last moment in this stamina demanding match. Such persisting spirit demonstrated the healthy lifestyle promoted by Aoyuan and the charm of sport activities. Meanwhile, Fogang Aoyuan also organized various activities, such as the rubber duck show"畅想酷爽夏日之大黄鸭卖萌奥园", cycling show "单车宝贝火辣秀" and a table football event. Summer beverages and fruits were provided in the sporty atmosphere which was in line with the event theme of "healthy lifestyle in Aoyuan". This event attracted numerous property owners and clients. Many became potential owners after consulting sales staff regarding the properties. "Low carbon and healthy lifestyle" is the current trend of the society and a living politics highly advocated by Aoyuan. Cycling is a natural, environmental friendly and modern sport popular across the world. In its development and construction process, Fogang Aoyuan persist on its green and low carbon philosophy to provide comfortable, healthy, environmental friendly and quality residential environment and commercial and residential products for a healthier lifestyle of the city.