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Brand Philosophy

Aoyuan not only boasts a glorious history, it has a profound brand culture. The design of the Aoyuan logo, tilted at nine degrees at the top right, signifies the solid foundation that Aoyuan has built over the years, a renowned company which aims to be time-honoured.


Green is the traditional color for Aoyuan and represents Aoyuan’s healthy, self-confident and environmentally-friendly attitude towards life. In addition, green underscores Aoyuan’s management philosophy of always putting people in first and seeking harmonious development.


Of the two arcs in the logo, one represents Aoyuan’s provision of a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for the community”, while the other symbolizes the high standards that Aoyuan has set for its principle of the need to pursue physical and mental health”. The two arcs represent the principle that Aoyuan has always adhered to composite and integrated development, and demonstrate Aoyuan’s core competence in themed real estate and composite real estate developments. The two arcs also represent two race tracks, which are symbolic of Aoyuan’s determination to strive forward along these runways.


In September 2015, Aoyuan Group was rated second in South China by three research institutes of the Enterprise Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council, the Institute of Real Estate Studies, Tsinghua University and China Index Academy on the back of its high growth of comprehensive strength, making it one of the most well-known enterprises with the fastest growing real estate brand value.


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