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Aoyuan Commercial Property Group inherited Aoyuan’s composite real estate development philosophy and adopted the “integrated commercial and residential development strategy” to develop a series of commercial complexes such as “Aoyuan Plaza” and “Aoyuan City Plaza”. Meanwhile, it continued to innovate its commercial property model and set up three dedicated companies including County Complex Group, City Renewal Company and Feature Town Company to create a county commercial complex mould and implement the county complex strategy. It concentrates on regions such as Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Big Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Ring and Nanning and actively participates in urban renewal activities while integrating resources in hi-tech industry to build hi-tech composite real estate and feature towns. Since its establishment, Aoyuan Commercial Property Group has registered fast-growing results with an increase of over 100% every year, ahead of its peers in the commercial property sector and shaping the future of the cities.