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Aoyuan Cultural Tourism - practitioner of characteristic cultural tourism industry of the top 10 cultural tourism enterprises in China
  With the rapid development and industrial upgrading of the cultural tourism market in China, Aoyuan has get into the cultural tourism industry. There are many cultural tourism brand resources under Aoyuan Cultural Tourism Group, including山水盛典文化產業有限公司, Fumao Magic Design & Production Company (福茂魔幻设计制作公司), Lan Mao Bai Tu Animation Company (蓝猫白兔动漫公司), Phoenix Metropolis Media, Aoyuan Hotel Management Company (奥园酒店管理公司), Aoyuan Regimen and Recreation Center (奥园养生养心康体中心) and Shanghai Yayuan, which shoulder the important task of the cultural tourism transformation of Aoyuan Group. The businesses of the Group cover hotels, health and regimen, art performance, ancient towns, natural landscape, humanistic scenic spots and theme parks, etc. The Group’s strategy is to develop and distribute cultural tourism industry with its core regions in East China, South China and Southwest China. Aoyuan Cultural Tourism Group has completed the establishment of an open capital platform and assembled a professional and international operation team and a planning and design team.
  In recent years, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism Group has intensified its efforts in resources integration nationwide, implemented in-depth strategic layout, established the leading brand of “Aoyuan Cultural Tourism”, integrated and developed a new model of comprehensive tourism real estate featured “industrial chain + cultural tourism” by taking a complex comprising a characteristic town and cultural tourism as its model. At present, several projects of Aoyuan Cultural Tourism in areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Anhui, Yunnan, Sichuan, Zhejiang and Hubei are in their full swing.
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