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Corporate Profile

Aoyuan Cultural Tourism was founded in 2016, It is a tourism investment and development group under the umbrella of “Aoyuan Group”, a top 30 real estate enterprise in China, and focuses on the development and management of characteristic towns, cultural and natural attractions, theme parks, high-end hotels and sports towns.


With the strong financial support of China Aoyuan Property Group, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism shapes its brand with the values of “innovation, integration, win-win, internationalisation” and establishes industry barriers for Aoyuan Cultural Tourism from project selection by means of cost, operation and integration. Regarding brand strategy, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism integrates “culture + tourism + sports + real estate” and optimise the travel sites and uncover cultural resources. As for geographical layout, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism is based in South China with a strategic layout in the country, promoting the development of cultural tourism industry.


“Mould-building approach” has been adopted and integrate with different industries. Aoyuan Cultural Tourism Planning and Design Institute plans and tailors each cultural tourism project according to its characteristics. Every characteristic town has a “Industry+” feature. A tourism industry chain is formed based on the local geographical features and resources available after scientifically integrating related aspects such as industry and culture, driven by unique attractive features of each project to reconstruct the industry value chain.