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Aoyuan Cultural Tourism Group is the tourism investment and development group of Aoyuan which primarily engages in the development and management of feature towns, cultural spots, theme parks, high-end hotels and sports towns. At present, it is particularly noted for its development and operation of feature towns in the industry. In terms of development strategy, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism focuses on “innovation, integration, win-win, internationalisation”. It plans to invest RMB100 billion to build the “Aoyuan Cultural Tourism” brand and establishes industry barriers for Aoyuan Cultural Tourism by means of cost, operation and integration, starting from selection of project location. Regarding brand strategy, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism adopts an integrated three-pronged tactic of “culture + tourism + real estate” to integrate and optimise the traveling environment and uncover cultural resources. As for geographical presence, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism will expand its operation to the whole country from its foothold in South China, promoting the big development of the cultural tourism industry.


Currently, there are two projects in operation, seven projects under construction and eight projects in the pipeline for Aoyuan’s cultural tourism towns. As for project creation, a “mould-building approach” adopting the characteristics of Aoyuan has been formed with “Industry+” at the core. Aoyuan Cultural Tourism Planning and Design Institute plans and prepares each cultural tourism projects separately according to its characteristics to create projects with unique features. Every feature town is built on a solid base of “Industry+” with its own feature. A pan-tourism industry chain is formed based on the local geographical features and available resources after scientifically integrating related aspects such as industry and culture, driven by a unique attractive feature at the core of each project to reconstruct the industry value chain.




Aoyuan Cultural Tourism Group is not only backed by the funds of China Aoyuan Property Group, but also houses an elite group of senior management from famous scenic areas such as Songcheng, Chimelong and Xixi Wetland as well as large tourism groups including Wanda Cultural Tourism. Travel experts in China are also employed to advise on the top-level design and future development of scenic area projects. Moreover, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism engages top-tier tourism planning and design teams, tourism management and operation talents and experienced consultant teams to gain professional and international operation capabilities as well as independent planning and design capabilities for scenic areas.


Since 2014, Aoyuan Cultural Tourism has invested in nine tourism projects, including a variety of businesses such as feature towns, cultural scenic areas, theme entertainment, hotel management and sports development, making it one of the mainstream tourism investors in China.