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Aobuyer was awarded the title of "excellent cross-border e-commerce platform enterprise" by SECG
On July 19th, at the cross-border e-commerce summit meeting of CEO of Shanghai cross-border e-commerce association and international trade fair (Shanghai trading group), aobuyer was awarded the title of "excellent cross-border e-commerce platform enterprise" by SECG.
The conference was led by the China international import expo (Shanghai trading delegation) and hosted by the Shanghai cross-border e-commerce industry association. As a forward-looking meeting of the China import and export expo, the conference will host a series of activities including keynote speeches, high-end dialogues and exhibitions focusing on the China international import expo, cross-border e-commerce compliance development, trade clearance facilitation, cross-border e-commerce payment and settlement, and silk road cooperation.
Under the environment of numerous cross-border e-commerce online, Austrian buyers have created a unique two-line retail model by grasping the industry characteristics and consumer consumption trends. To attract a large number of brand owners to enter the expo, as an excellent exhibitor of the first expo 2018, aobuyer has reached more than 6.5 billion cooperation with many famous brands in the world.
At the same time, aobuyer to upgrade the supply chain, with a number of well-known beauty makeup, apparel brands to establish exclusive licensing. Last month, and Australia's well-known health care brand Swisse reached a strategic cooperation. Austria buyers also have a number of international brands exclusive licensing operation contract, users can choose to many familiar with the trend of genuine goods here. In the field of science and technology innovation, Austrian buyers formed a "core + periphery" patent barriers. The development and application of these new technologies help upgrade the shopping experience of two-line retail stores.
At present, aobuyer global has 10 stores in Beijing, shenzhen, guangzhou, zhuhai and other first-tier cities, and the flagship store in wanbo, nancun, guangzhou is about to open. Looking forward to the future, the Austrian buyers will expand the territory to central China, east China, the end of the year to complete the layout of the country's super first-tier cities.