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In line with rapid development and industrial upgrading of the tourism market of China, Aoyuan has made substantial investment to develop the Aoyuan Cultural TourismCity Shaoguan Lingnan Impression in 2015. With GFA of approximately 700,000 sq.m, the project is realizing a perfect integration of global vision and local wisdom with world class standard. It has a huge influence over the entire Southern China and signifies the rise of a world class cultural tourism destination, exhibiting both world essence and local customs. The project also features magnificent traditional performances. Shanshui Scenery Culture Co. Ltd. and its founder Mr. Mei Shuaiyuan are introduced as shareholders of the project. As a top brand in scenic performance in China, Shanshui Scenery Culture has produced well-known performances such as Impression – Liu Sanjie and Zen – Shaolin. Such high-caliber partners have joint hands to integrate local Zen culture into large scale scenic performances for the project. The project will be the first world class resort complex in Southern China which integrates the unique tourism resources and Zen culture of Shaoguan, and features top-quality cultural tourism, shopping, leisure, and living. Upon completion, the “Zen series” performance of Shanshui Scenery Culture will rise to a new level of becoming a visionary feast for the audience highlighting Shaoguan as the origin of Zen culture.






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