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Cross-border e-commerce

    Leveraging on unique advantage of Guangzhou, being one of the first pilot cities for importing goods through cross-bordere-commerce, and the Nansha Free Trade Zone (Nansha FTZ), Aoyuanhas actively implemented its cross-bordere-commerce O2O strategy. This entails operatingcross-bordere-commerce import and export business as approved by the Guangzhou Customs through its O2O operating model of “offline display and transaction center + online purchase platform”. For the online operation, the cross-bordere-commerce platform is established with the connection of customs and quarantine inspection service. For the offline operation, Aomygod hasestablished cross-border goods display and transaction centers in Nansha FTZ of Guangdong and various cities across the country. Aoyuan strives to become the leading brand and global shopping expert in the cross-bordere-commerce O2O area of China.

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